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In 1982, Valuemax Garage Door Repair first opened and since then we have spread out in California, increasingly building an excellent reputation for our garage door repair company, for our clients are our number one priority. We have always been a locally owned and operated garage door company that has gained many loyal customers over the years of being in the garage door repair business in Novato. You, our loyal customers can also rest assured that we give professional results and will do the job right without trying to sell you something that you don't need.

Over years of service, Valuemax Garage Door Repair has opened many branches out in North Central California. We have branches in all of the following areas: Novato, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Sausalito, and other areas within Marin County, in addition to our main offices and facilities located in and around the Folsom area. Yes, we have branched out and gained success, but one thing we will never lose is our employees. They all have contributed their work to Valuemax Garage Door Repair Novato since day one and have built relationships with us that will last us for years to come.

Here at Valuemax Garage Door Repair Novato our certified technicians all pass a complete and thorough exam before being able to go on a service call. We want our technicians to know how to do their job correctly and efficiently. All of our employees have great experience in garage door repair, as well as good character and honesty. We choose to hire our employees with good character and honesty because although you can always teach someone how to do garage door repair, you can't teach someone good character. This is why we have so many loyal clients in Novato and our surrounding branches.

All of our clients know that once they call us and we fix the problem they won't have to call back anytime soon. They also know that any steel or wood garage door, or even garage door accessories purchased from us are of only the highest quality and will last them a very long time.

Call us to experience how garage door repair should be done at (415) 495-2144 or toll-free (866) 575-9050. We value the people in our local communities that we currently serve and hope to continue building friendships throughout the years to come.

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About Valuemax Garage Door Repair Novato

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